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Footwear Buying Guide

What to Look Out for when buying shoes.

1. Choose appropriate footwear for your purpose. 

2. When buying footwear, always try both pieces at the same time and while you are standing. 

3. Feet tend to swell during the day, especially in the afternoon. That’s why it is suggested to shop for shoes later in the day. 

4. Your left and right foot may be different in size. Always buy for the larger one. 

5. When shopping for footwear, take with you the type of socks that you expect to wear with them. 

6. In case you buy improperly fitted shoes ( tight or large ), you may face problems related with early deformation or tearing of the inner lining. 

7. Do not buy a model that pinch your feet while trying on. 

8. Select footwear that suits the shape of your feet. Do not prefer a slim, pointed-toe model if you have wide feet. This may cause deformation and pain in your feet. Also, the manufacturer may not be held responsible because of this wrong choice and use, the product can not be exchanged or returned. 

9. Pay particular attention when trying the footwear at home; there shouldn’t be any sign of use in case you will ask for an exchange later. Especially any crease on the upper or signs of wear under the sole may result in refusal of your request. That’s why you should be cautious and careful. 

10. Shoes with lining in dark colors or no lining may tint the feet or socks. This effect will lessen and then pass in time. 

11. Water can penetrate especially from large seams on the upper. It is suggested not to wear this kind of shoes during rainy weather. The permeability might be minimised or eliminated through some special processes and this kind of shoes are marked as “Waterproof”. 

12. Always loose the laces while putting on or taking off the shoes. For shoes without laces, use shoehorn. Never exert pressure on counter. 

13. It is important not to keep the footwear on humid environment for the length of their lifetime. The moist or wet footwear should be allowed to dry at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, radiators and other direct sources of heat. Otherwise, the leather may crack, be stained, deformed and seams may be weakened. 

14. Nobuck or suede leather footwear should be cleaned with a medium hard brush or eraser. They should be cared with silicon based sprays and never washed. 

15. Footwear should never be washed on hand or in washing machines. Genuine leather ones can be cleaned with a moist soapy cloth and then wiped dry. Those made of synthetic leather should be cleaned with warm soapy water and then wiped with a dry cloth. Care of leather footwear with appropriate color polishes from time to time will lengthen the life of leather and improve the appearance. 

16. The perspiration in the shoes gets dry in about 24 hours. For a longer shoe life, air them out or don't wear the same pair every day. 

17. To keep your shoes with the shoe tree in increse their lifetime. 

18. In case of excessive sweating, spots may be formed on the upper. This is not a problem caused by production. 

19. Leather used for the insoles of our shoes is processed with vegetal tannins. Absorbing the foot perspiration, this kind of leather ensure a more comfortable wear. Due to sweat the color may darken but this has no effect on the use or on foot health. 

20. If the lining is synthetic, you may have odor problems due to foot perspiration. This can be eliminated by aerating the footwear, wiping with warm soapy water or cleaning with a soft brush. For drying, refer to article 13. 

21. Misuse of the product is under the consumer responsibility and replacement of such items should not claimed.